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3M 1250 Comply Steam Chemical Indicator Strips, 240/BOX

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3M Comply 1250 Steam Chemical Indicator Strips

  • 5/8 inch x 8 inch (1,5cm x 20cm) Chemical Indicator Strip for steam, Color change from white to dark brown/ black, Perforated.

  • A Class 4 multi-parameter chemical indicator (measures time, temperature and saturated steam) printed with a long strip of indicator ink for a wide area of monitoring in the pack.

  • The chemical indicator goes from a gradual, distinct off-white to dark brown/black color change and has a color reference standard.

  • The strip can be separated easily at the perforation mark to convert to a short strip.

  • This chemical indicator monitors all 250-272°F/121-134°C gravity and dynamic-air removal (i.e., vacuum-assisted on steam flush pressure pulse) steam sterilization cycles.