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3M Attest Biological Indicators for Ethylene Oxide EO, 400/cs

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100/Bx, 4 Bxs/Cs
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Features of the 3M Attest Biological Indicators:

  • Biological indicators provide the best assurance of sterility by challenging the sterilizer with quantifiable, highly resistant spores.
  • The system includes biological indicators, disposable test packs, incubators and log books. 
  • Biological indicators are used for load control monitoring which is the process by which a load is monitored and released based on the result of a biological indicator (BI) in a test pack.
  • 3M Attest 1264 or 1264P Biological Indicators for EO 
  • The self-contained BI for all EO cycles consists of a Bacillus subtilis spore strip; sealed glass ampule with growth medium and bromothymol blue pH indicator dye system; green color-coded cap with holes for sterilant penetration and a Tyvek filter as a bacterial barrier, and a chemical indicator on the label that changes to green when processed. After sterilization, the vial is crushed to join the growth media with the processed spore strip. 
  • The BI is incubated for 48 hours for a visual color change readout.
  • A color change to yellow indicates surviving spores and a positive result.