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3M Red Dot Monitoring Electrodes with Micropore Tape Backing

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Features of the 3M Red Dot Monitoring Electrodes with Micropore Tape Backing:
• Micropore tape backing is breathable, flexible and conformable, yet is gentle to the skin for increased patient comfort.
• Patented solid gel conforms to the skin quickly allowing high quality, uninterrupted traces.
• The gel's low chloride content minimizes skin irritation for increased patient comfort.
• 3M™ SureSeal Cap Seal prevents premature product dryout to help ensure product freshness for 30 days out of the bag.
• Use of built-in abrader disc improves trace quality for better results.
Suggested Applications:
• ECG monitoring situations that require a comfortable, breathable and permeable backing
• For use in ICU/CCU, Telemetry, and Holter Monitoring departments
Red Dot electrodes are round-style electrodes designed for general or long-term clinical situations.
Each electrode has a unique 3M solid gel conductive column and a 3M SureSeal moisture vapor barrier cap to ensure product freshness. Each electrode also has a 3M Micropore Surgical Tape backing that is comfortable, breathable, flexible and gentle to skin.
This product is not radiolucent.

2.4 inch diameter.

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