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Battle Creek Thermophore MaxHEAT Plus Arthritis Pad, Petite/Neck, 4" x 17"

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If you live in a dry area, or the air in your home is dry because of frequent use of heating or air-conditioning systems, we also offer the Classic Plus™ and MaxHEAT Plus™ styles with a protective liner that lets you safely add a damp cloth for even more moisture!

Designed specifically for use on the neck, throat, sinuses and jaw areas (TMJ).
For Relief From:
• Arthritis or Rheumatism.
• TMJ.
• Chronic back or neck pain.
• Fibromyalgia.
• Muscle spasms.
• Sports injuries (after the acute phase).
• Strained muscles or ligament.
Product Description:
Designed to provide intense moist heat for use on the neck, throat, sinuses and jaw areas (TMJ).
Product Features:
• Convenient pre-set switch and non-shedding, washable blended fleece cover.
• New Four-Stage Therapy Switch provides optimum 20-minute treatments.
• Fleece Blend Flannel Cover Included.
• Dimensions: 4 inches X 17 inches.
• Recommended Use: 20-minute therapy cycle.
• Simple one-touch control features auto-off timer.
• Produces intense moist heat without adding water.
• Fast-acting therapy relieves pain and stiffness for hours.
• Thermophore is the moist heat pad doctors recommend most.
• Medicare reimburseable when prescribed for Arthritis Pain Management.
• Max Temperature: Up to 170 Degrees Fahrenheit.
• 120 Volts; 60 Watts - 60 HZ A.C. - Cord is 6' in length.
• Advanced Four-Stage Therapy Switch.
Carefully examine before each use. Discard unit if shows signs of deterioration. Follow instructions packed with unit. Do not use on infants, persons with poor circulation or insensitive skin. Persons with diabetes should be especially careful applying heat. Check skin frequently to avoid burns. Temperature is sufficiently intense to cause burns. Use no pins. Do not wet. Should be taken if you have insensitive skin or poor circulation.
Full One Year Warranty.