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Bio Med Natures Tears Eye Mist 1oz, Each

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Dry eye irritated eyes, eye strain, burning eyes, red eye, contact lens discomfort, computer vision syndrome, computer eye irritation, allergy eyes, post-LASIK discomfort and MORE.
Moisture is WATER!
Dry eye, eye strain, red eye, can occur when the ocular tear film's all-important aqueous (water) layer lacks sufficient moisture.
Nature's Tears EyeMist is the ONLY eye-care product that penetrates the tear film with a diffusion of pure, pH-balanced, all-natural moisture directly to the aqueous layer.
Nature's Tears EyeMist is not an eye drop!
Replenishes lost eye moisture.
Instantly soothes eye discomfort.
Safe, sterile and quickly applied.
No tear film flooding.
No dosage limit -- apply as often as desired.
Excellent for contact lenses.
Additive Free: no preservatives or allergens.
No chemical propellants.
Compatible with all eye care products.
Does not cause eye make-up to run.