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Clean Waste Pooh Powder Waste Treatment for Commodes with Scoop, Each

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Features of the Clean Waste Pooh Powder Waste Treatment:
Pooh-Powder is a specially engineered mix of a non-toxic polymer based absorbent (similar to what is in baby diapers), along with an organic decay catalyst an odor neutralizer (no perfumes). When liquid waste comes in contact with the powder, the powder gels the liquid waste, encapsulates the solid waste, removes odors and begins the decay process.
The Pooh-Powder when used properly, prevents spills and makes pack out and disposal in landfills easy.
Pooh Powder waste treatment includes plastic screw-top container of gelling powder used in commode liners and small scoop.
One scoop treats about 21oz of waste.
Container contains 120 uses.
Do not flush.
Product Benefits:
Human waste management is a reality for caregivers. Services and maintenance of bedpans and commodes are a mandatory chore. The sanitation solution has arrived! The Sani-Care+ waste kit, waste management system provides a positive alternative.
The caregivers’ current techniques leave much to be desired when dealing with human waste management. The caregivers are responsible for cleaning the commodes and bedpans after each use. This is a time consuming task that is often considered the most unfavorable part of their job.
Benefits Include:
• Discreet and dignified method of waste management.
• Sets up in less than 30 seconds, giving the caregiver more time to attend to other serious issues.
• Improved safety and wellness for caregiver and patient through a better waste containment and transportation system.
• Deceased risk of splash and spillage. The waste treatment powder preloaded in each waste collection bag solidifies waste in about 10 seconds!
• Minimal opportunity for cross contamination, and virtually no cleaning.
• Used waste kits are 100% biodegradable and can be disposed of in any trash receptacle, saving valuable time.
• The caregivers’ saved time can be applied towards other aspects of quality caring.
• Increases employee job satisfaction, while reducing employee turnover.
Packed in 9” X 6” X 6” canisters.
• This item comes with lids that can be unscrewed.

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