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Deltec Port-A-Cath Venous Access System, Contoured Single-lumen Portal, Poly Cath, 6FR, Kit

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Features of the Deltec Port-A-Cath Venous Access System:

Designed to permit repeated access to the venous system for the parenteral delivery of medications, fluids, and nutritional solutions and for the sampling of venous blood.

Single-lumen Portal, ID 1.0 mm, OD 1.9, Length 76 cm, Introducer Needle 6 Fr

  • Light weight durable titanium portal reservoir provides gouge resistance and long-term durability

  • Contoured shape designed for patient comfort and ease of portal palpation

  • Needle-stop titanium reservoir floor creates positive tactile feedback when the accessing needle makes contact

  • Distinct rounded septum ring designed to assist in septum location

  • High compression SECUR SITE® septum captured in titanium designed for needle retention and stability

  • Beveled suture holes designed for ease of suturing

  • ULTRA-LOCK catheter connector integrated with portal for ease of system assembly

  • Portal systems are MR Conditional up to 3-Tesla

Features of catheter:

  • PolyFlow Polyurethane catheter minimizes outer/inner diameter ratio and maximizes flow rate

  • PolyFlow Polyurethane catheter is kink-resistant, biocompatible and radiopaque

  • Smaller outer diameter than silicone catheters with the same internal diameter

  • Smaller introducer than silicone catheters with the same internal diameter

  • High tensile and shear strength designed to withstand high pressure

  • Firm at room temperature for easier advancement into the vein with silicone-like softness at body temperature

  • Surface structure shown to be lower in platelet adhesion

  • Catheter markings for reference during catheter placement

  • Contoured tip for ease of advancement into the vein

  • Linder L, Curelaru I, Gustavsson B, et al. Material thrombogenicity in central venous catheterization: A comparison between soft, antebrachial catheters of silicone elastomer and polyurethane.

Kits include:
Portal, catheter, PORT-A-CATH straight needle, blunt needle (except preassembled systems), and vein pick.