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Fisher Scientific Elementary Owl Pellet Kit

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Features of the Fisher Scientific Elementary Owl Pellet Kit:
  • Dissect pellets to reveal the skeletal anatomy of digested animals.

  • Unforgettable, hands-on activity naturally illustrates principles of ecology, food chains, and animal structure and function.

  • Opened pellets yield a variety of bones that your students will eagerly identify and reassemble into skeletons—each one is a surprise.
  • Includes:
  • Heat-sterilized, individually wrapped, large barn owl pellets (15).

  • Bone Sorting Charts: 8.5 x 11 in. (21.3 x 27.5cm).

  • Magnifying lenses.

  • Laminated Posters (4): Food Web, Bone Sorting, Vole Skeleton, and Owls of North America.

  • Owls by Zoobooks.

  • Fisher Scientific Elementary Class Kit Guide containing National Science Standards, background information, teaching strategies, a laboratory guide, projects, skull keys, and references.