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Hollister Karaya 5 Closed Pouch, No Tape or Filter, 1-1/2" Pouch, 1-1/8" Stoma, 30/Bx

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Karaya 5 Closed Pouch, No Tape or Filter Features: Karaya 5 Skin Barrier
  • Karaya 5 is a natural skin barrier that is particularly well suited for sensitive skin.

  • It has a mildly acidic pH (4.5 - 5.0) that helps maintain the skin's natural protection against bacterial growth and irritation.

  • Karaya 5 is based on Karaya gum, a natural product derived from the stericulia urens tree that grows primarily in central and northern India.
  • Integral Convexity
  • Skin barriers with integral convexity are indicated for stomas that are flush, recessed or retracted.

  • These skin barriers are either pre-sized or cut-to-fit. Transparent Pouch
  • For the wearer who wishes to wear a pouch with the contents being visible.
  • Pre-Sized Skin Barrier Stoma Opening
  • The skin barrier is supplied with an opening that allows the user to apply it without any preparation.
  • Odor Barrier Film
  • Three layers of film protect against odor.

  • Film is strong and provides quality performance.
  • Belt Tabs
  • Recommended for Home Use.
  • Product Benefits
  • Skin protected from stomal discharge by Karaya 5 seal ring; natural Karaya offers flexibility, shallow convexity and is bacteriostatic.
  • Confidence and Comfort by using superior pouch materials; Transparent, Odor-Barrier Film.
  • Securely holds pouch to a belt with attached belt tabs.