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Jelco Saf-T Wing Blood Collection Set with Saf-T Holder, 25G x 3/4", 12" Tubing, 200/cs

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Features of the Jelco Saf-T Wing Blood Collection Set:

  • The Saf-T Wing® Blood Collection Set handles delicate venous blood draws, utilizing a safety feature activated with a simple one- or two- handed technique.

  • The Saf-T Wing® Blood Collection Set is available in three needle sizes, two tubing lengths, and with or without a pre-attached Saf-T Holder® device.

  • Saf-T Holder® devices come with the back-end needle and Luer permanently attached to the holder to reduce potential exposures and holder re-use, compliant with OSHA directives.

  • Clamp minimizes blood leakage from tubing upon disposal.

  • Latex free.

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