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Kull Primary Color Exam Room Flags, 2 Flags

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• Red and Green
• Instantly recognizable colors that can be coded to anyone's needs or current uses.
• Customizable I.E. number of flags or order of colors.
• Hardware includes wall anchors along with screws.
• Affordable, doesn’t compromise quality.
• Signals are welded with an acrylic bond, but are available in kit form so the customer can put the flags in their own order
Signals can be attached next to the door of any room or office to let others know what the current status of that room is at just a glance.
Clinics and hospitals have been using a color code systems for many decades so many staff members are aware of the color coding system.
We welcome custom orders. Up to two weeks additional time is required for custom orders and a $5.00 per unit service charge applies.

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