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Mettler EZ-Trode Self-Adhesive, Reusable Electrodes, 2" Square, 40/cs

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Easy to Use: Simply peel from protective backing and apply to the skin. After treatment is complete, return to the protective backing and pouch for storage.

Excellent Conductivity:Silver coating on electrode backing provides uniform current dispersion with high conductivity.

Pliable: Conforms to irregular body surfaces for complete contact, even during strenuous muscle stimulation sessions.

Long Lasting: Skin-friendly conductive gel maintains smooth skin contact through many stimulation sessions.

Foil-Lined Pouch: Sealed pouch provides a moisture barrier to extend shelf life. Easy closing tops keep electrodes fresh after opening.

New Soft Connector: Soft, molded connectors assure easy insertion and removal of electrode cable-pins into the electrode connector.

Dimensions: 10" x 6" x 4".

EZ Trodes come in four convenient sizes:

• 2" Round - Ideal for interferential stimulation of the ankle, knee, shoulder, neck and elbow. (see item # MET-2221).

• 2.75" Round - A larger size electrode for interferential stimulation of the low back. (see item # MET-2222).

• 2" x 5" Rectangular - Fits large muscles as the quadriceps or hamstrings for muscle stimulation protocols. (see item # MET-2223).

Also available in four convenient sizes:

V-Trodes (see item #'s MET-2702, MET-2703, MET-2704, MET-2705).

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