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Pari Trek S AC Adapter

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Trek® S Portable Aerosol System

Experience the Freedom of Portable Aerosol Delivery

The PARI Trek® S Portable Aerosol System is designed from PARI’s long legacy of clinically proven products and incorporates fast, efficient aerosol treatments with portable technology. Paired with the LC Sprint® reusable nebulizer, Trek® S is well suited for those with active lifestyles, allowing patients the freedom to take treatments anywhere.

Why do we recommend replacing your PARI Reusable nebulizers every 6 months?

Like other plastic components, PARI nebulizers will experience some wear and tear due to frequent use and the cleaning and disinfection process. By replacing your reusable nebulizer every 6 months, you can

Maintain fast and efficient treatments

Ensure consistent medication delivery to the lungs

Reduce bacterial contamination*