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Portex 15848 European Pencil Point Spinal Anesthesia Trays, 24G x 3.5", 10/cs

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The Portex 15848 Pencil Point Spinal Anesthesia Tray Includes:

4g x 3 1/2" European pencil point needle, 20g x 1 1/2" Introducer needle, 25g x 5/8" Skin wheal needle preattached to 3mL Plastic Luer slip syringe, 20g x 1 1/2" Withdrawal needle preattached to 5mL Glass Luer slip syringe, 19g x 1 1/2" Aspirating filter needle, Needle stick pad, Lidocaine 5% in Dextrose 7.5%, 2mL, Bupivacaine .75% in Dextrose 8.25%, 2mL, Lidocaine 1%, 5mL, Epinephrine 1:1000, 1mL, Sponge applicators, Towel(s), Gauze sponges, Fenestrated drape, Iodophor PVP solution