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Portex 40" Adult Single-Limb Anesthesia Breathing Circuits, 3.0 L, Medium Mask, 20/cs

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Features of the Portex 40" Adult Single-Limb Anesthesia Breathing Circuits:

  • The single-limb's exclusive swivel connector at the patient end helps eliminate kinking problems and helps reduce torque, making repositioning the circuit easier.

  • Portex® single-limb anesthesia breathing circuits feature a tube-within-a-tube design helping reduce clutter and disorder in the anesthesia field.

  • The blue inspiratory tube surrounded by an outer expiratory tube allows the patient’s exhaled breath to warm the inspired gases.

  • The inspiratory limb is bonded at the patient end, essentially eliminating inner tube disconnections that could cause increased deadspace and inspired CO2.

  • Breathing Bag: 3.0 L.

  • Breathing Filter Location: Inspiratory.

  • Elbow/Connector: Gas Sampling Elbow.

  • Premium Soft Plus™ Mask: Medium Adult Mask.

  • Non-sterile.