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Portex Flo-Mist Continuous Medication Nebulizer with Tubing, Pediatric Mask & Y Piece, 10/cs

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Features of the Portex Flo-Mist Continuous Medication Nebulizer:

  • Flo-Mist™, is a refillable, closed dilution, high volume, continuous medication nebulizer (CMN), engineered to deliver deep inhalation therapy to patients. Its 200 ml reservoir and jet flow design allow for up to 8 hours of nebulized medication delivery at 25 ml/hr. Particles are delivered within the 3 to 5 micron range. Flo-Mist™ is the product of choice for many different applications.

  • Flo-Mist's smart design allows clinicians to add an auxiliary flow of air, oxygen or Heliox through the side port, without the hassle of recalculating the medication dosage.

  • Standard 22mm aerosol port.

  • Colorful graphics and gradients.

  • Latex free.

  • Non-sterile.

Product Benefits

  • Allows the clinician to add an auxiliary gas flow without recalculating the medication.

  • Located in the non-rebreather circuit, a fail-safe one-way valve in the valved Y piece that allows the patient to entrain ambient air should their inspiratory demand exceed the system.

  • Once connected to the flowmeter, Flo-Mist™ nebulizer is fully secured and easy to access for refilling.

  • Flo-Mist™ nebulizer delivers medications as well as humidification for any prescribed length of time up to 8 hours.

  • Convenient dosing chart included in each package for quick reference.

  • A fast and convenient way to administer therapy in emergency care settings.

  • Use your existing tubing or purchase Flo-Mist™ nebulizer as a kit.

  • Easy to read gradient lines calibrated at 5ml, ensuring precise medication delivery.