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Portex SACETT Suction Above Cuff ET Tubes, 9 mm, 10/cs

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Features of the Portex SACETT Suction Above Cuff ET Tubes:

  • The Portex® Suction Above Cuff Tracheal Tube is a new addition to the Blue line® range. It boasts all of the features and benefits you would expect from a Portex® Tracheal Tube.

  • ID: 9 mm.

  • OD: 12.8 mm.

  • Cuff Resting Diameter: 30 mm.

  • Smooth cuff-to-tube weld.

  • Polished finish to tube tip & Murphy eye.

  • Intubation depth marker.

  • Blue inflation line.

  • Sensitive pilot balloon.

  • Clear tube identification marking.

  • CE marked.

  • Soft Seal Cuff®:

  • Cuff has minimal bulk when deflated.

  • Tapered shape for dynamic movement during the breathing cycle.

  • Velvet soft feel.

  • Larger cuff resting diameter.

  • Reduced nitrous oxide permeation.

  • Large evacuation hole:

  • Close to the cuff to help removal of secretions.

  • Smooth lumen.

  • Yellow suction connector:

  • Easy to identify/good grip to atttach to suction tubing.

  • Blue tethered dust-cap:

  • Secured to connector.

  • Yellow/clear suction line:

  • Allows visualisation of secretions.

  • Reverse Soft Seal cuff:

  • Benefits of Soft Seal.

  • Assist in the pooling of secretions.