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Richmond Near Card, 100% and 10% Contrast, Portuguese Language

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Near Contrast testing can provide an efficient means to detect or track ocular pathologies, including glaucoma, ARMD, diabetic retinopathy, cataract, and keratoconus. Low contrast acuity loss measurement can also be helpful in demonstrating to patients and their families the need for intervention such as cataract surgery or occupational and lifestyle changes. Richmond Products has developed a new Spanish Language Near-Contrast Test with contrast sensitivity level of 10% using Michelson measure. The test also provides full black for comparison. These are printed on high-quality styrene plastic for long term durability. Each side has ETDRS style letters and Continuous Reading Examples.

The ETDRS style lettering employed in the Richmond test provides excellent repeatability and is an objective measure useful for medical insurance submission. The continuous text at each contrast level provides a ‘real world’ example to help patients’ recognize any decline in low contrast acuity. Use of the test at near (16 inches or 40 cm) is much quicker than repositioning a patient to use a wall mounted or distance contrast test such as the Pelli-Robson. Since both full contrast and 10% contrast level are presented under the same conditions, the illumination is identical. This permits accurate comparison of the results. Answer key is provided. Card is 8x10 inches (20.4x25.5 cm).

Features of the Richmond Near Card:

• Both ETDRS Letters and Continuous Reading Examples (in Spanish)
• 20/400 to 20/10 in 17 increments Letters, 20/100 to 20/20 Reading
• Shows Snellen in Feet/ Meters, LogMAR, Decimal, Letter Size and Diopters of Add
• Printed on very durable styrene

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