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Roche Chemstrip Micral Albumin Test Strips, 30/Bottle

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Chemstrip Micral Test Strips are an optically read immunoassay to detect albumin in urine samples.

When the test strip is dipped into a urine sample, urine passes via a wick fleece into the conjugate fleece.

Any albumin present in the sample binds itself specifically to the gold-labeled antibodies.

Excess antibody-gold conjugate is bound by immobilized albumin in a capture zone, so that the detection field is reached only by conjugate molecules charged with the urinary albumin.

Depending on the albumin concentration, the detection field assumes a color ranging from white to red.

  • Chemstrip microalbuminuria test strips are a simple alternative to traditional testing methods, providing results when and where they're needed. 

  • Physicians, patients, and managed care organizations have all benefited from Micral test strips because they provide.

  • A fast, easy, one-minutes test to detect subclinical nephropathy.

  • In-office testing.

  • Proven accuracy compared to radioimmunoassay.

  • Long- and short-term cost savings.

  • Increased patient and physician satisfaction.

  • A semi-quantitative visual immunoassay test that is specific for human albumin in urine.

  • The only "dipstick" test for MAU that can be used in any office.

  • Convenient for both patient and physician.

  • Five-minute color stability.

  • Specificity and sensitivity: 94%.

  • Refrigerated item. 

  • Must be shipped 2nd day air.

  • May require delivery to a business address only.
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