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SOS Waterproof Mattress Protector For King Size

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Introducing a patent-pending, waterproof mattress protector that saves time whenever the bed gets wet. • The dual-use SOS Mattress Protector is actually two pads in one and handles two wettings in one night. • Placed on a bed like a fitted sheet, it has two absorbent, waterproof mattress pads, a built-in sheet, and a zipper on two sides for easy removal and attachment. • After a wetting incident, remove your top sheet and the upper mattress pad and return to bed without having to remake it. The lower layer of protection is fitted with a sheet sewn into it, so the bed is immediately ready to be slept in again. • Pad can be removed quickly without disturbing others in the household. Wash the soiled top pad, zip it back onto the lower pad, and you again have double protection. • Mattress protector is perfect for incontinence, night sweats, illness, and potty training.
• The top layer is 65% polyester/35% cotton, the middle layer is 80% polyester/20% rayon fiber, the bottom waterproof layer is 100% vinyl.
Eliminates remaking the bed in the middle of the night The speed and ease of the S.O.S. helps reduce the frustration of incontinenece. And it is so simple: • Place the S.O.S. on the bed • Cover with your own fitted sheet or use by itself. • After wetting incident, remove the upper layer of the S.O.S. by unzipping. • Go back to sleep.
Useful for both Adults & Children Adults: • Assisted Living facilities • Home care • Night Sweats • Hospice care • Ill people Children: • Potty Training • Fevers • Spills • Teens With the S.O.S., an ederly or sick person does not have to be removed from the bed after the accident. Potty training is a difficult time. but with the S.O.S. both parent and child are back in bed quickly. And the less time spent changing bedding, the less other family members are disturbed. The S.O.S. is so simple to use that older children can do it themselves!

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