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The Bidematic Bidet System, Cold Water for Two Piece Toilets

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Bidematic is the ingenious bidet system that makes it possible!
To determine if your toilet is a one or two piece, a two piece toilet's tank is bolted to the bowl. The one piece toilet's bidet requires and comes with the XL support bracket.
• Dimensions: 10" x 6.5" x 4" .
• Attachable to any standard toilet.
• Solid brass construction with some ABS features.
• Chrome-plated, modern and elegant unit that harmonizes with other bathroom fixtures.
• Movable spout remains hidden under the toilet rim when not in use.
• Adjustable water spray.
• Adjustable water temperature (H/C model).
• Back-flow preventer to eliminate the chance of back-siphoning into the water supply.
• Enhances personal hygiene.
• Environmentally friendly (reduces or eliminates the use of toilet paper).
• Minimum water usage.
• Complicated and expensive bathroom installations and remodeling are avoided.
• Very easy to operate.
• Very easy to clean.
• No electrical components.
• Eases daily hygiene for the handicapped.
• Reduces toilet stoppages.
• Reduces the discomforts from hemorrhoids, fistulas, cystitis and fissures.
• Ideal for residences, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, offices, recreational vehicles and yachts.
• Simple to install with conventional household tools.
Also Available In:
• Hot and Cold Water One Piece Toilet (see item # QST-1212-1).
• Hot and Cold Water Two Piece Toilet (see item # QST-1212-2).
• Cold Water One Piece Toilet (see item # QST-1010-1).

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