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Thera-Band First Step for Active Health Kit

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Features of Thera-Band First Step to Active Health Kit: The First Step to Active Health® provides an evidence-based, progressive activity program for seniors and contains everything you need to get started with a physical activity program in an easy-to-read format. The program manual contains a simple self-assessment and tools to help individuals determine their goals and develop customized exercise programs. Individuals can simply check off functional tasks they have difficulty with and create specific goals in the manual. The program manual also contains hints on keeping motivated to exercise, as well as safety reminders. The First Step Activity log is used by the individual to keep track of the amount of time spent in each activity group. Each Step has an easy-to-read, fold up activity guide that explains why, what, and when, where to start, and how to progress. The Cardio Activities section recommends both weight-bearing and non weight-bearing activities that are enjoyable. A Perceived Exertion Chart is included in the section to help individuals exercise at the appropriate level. The Flexibility Activities include simple stretches that target the muscles that are prone to tightness in older adults. The Strength Activities include exercises that use the elastic band included in the First Step kit, and help to improve functional activities of daily living. The Balance Activities exercises include a chair nearby for safety. Exercise progress from simple dynamic activities to using unstable foam surfaces and resistive exercises using elastic bands. An individually packaged, 5 foot length of Thera-Band red resistive bands is included in each kit. *Caution: Persons with latex allergies should use Latex-Free Thera-Band resistive bands.

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