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Tuli's Cheetahs, Ankle Support With Heel Cup, X-Small- under 70 lbs.

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Shock absorbers for your feet!
At last, Shock Absorption and Ankle Support in one lightweight unit.
Tuli's® Cheetahs™ are a dynamic and revolutionary new combination of Tuli's® Heel Cups shock absorption technology and the comfort and stability of a lightweight neoprene ankle support.
Tuli's® Cheetahs™ are ideal for athletes, gymnasts, adults, children, or anyone who works or plays on their feet. Slip on style.
• 3" x 2" x 6".
• Comfort Guaranteed.
• Doctor Recommended.
Available in five sizes:
• X- Small: Under 70 lbs (see item # MDY-10220).
• Small: 70-80 lbs (see item # MDY-10225).
• Medium: 80-100 lbs (see item # MDY-10230).
• Large: 100-120 lbs (see item # MDY-10240).
• X-Large: 120-140 lbs (see item # MDY-1250).
Tuli's offer instant relief from:
• Tired, burning, aching feet, legs and back.
• Painful heels and heel spurs.
• Nagging backache and neckache.
• Shin splint and arthritic joints.

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