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Tuli's Heavy Duty Heel Cup, Large (over 175 lbs.)

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Shock absorbers for your feet!
Tuli's® Double-Ribbed Heavy Duty Heel Cups are the most advanced shock absorbing heel cups available today.
The primary force of the heel strike is absorbed by the larger and higher waffle pattern while the lower and denser waffle pattern absorbs the "high pressure" and final force spike of heel strike.
Perfect for sports activities.
• Available in three sizes. Small: Item # MDY-10211 (under 80 lbs.), Regular: Item # MDY-10212 (80-175 lbs.) and Large: item # MDY-10214 (over 175 lbs.)
• 3.3" x 2.5" x 5".
• Comfort Guaranteed.
• Doctor Recommended.
Tuli's offer instant relief from:
• Tired, burning, aching feet, legs and back.
• Painful heels and heel spurs.
• Nagging backache and neckache.
• Shin splint and arthritic joints.

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