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Welch Allyn SureTemp Plus 692 Thermometer: Wall Mount, One Per Room, Wall Mount, 9ft. Oral Probe

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Welch Allyn® SureTemp® Plus 692 Electronic Thermometer, One Per Room, with Wall Mount, 9ft. Oral Probe with Oral Probe Well Model 01692-300 The Welch Allyn SureTemp is the fastest oral/axillary thermometer on the market. Features: • Provides 4-second oral, 10-second pediatric axillary temperatures (for children 17 years and younger), 10-second rectal, and 15-second adult axillary temperatures (for 18 years and older).
• Monitor mode capability for measuring 3-5 minute temperatures.
• Used probe covers may be ejected automatically.
• Large, backlit LCD displays temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
• Has last temperature recall capability.
• 60-second timer for pulse and respiration.
• Waterproof, stainless steel probe shaft.
• Convenient storage housing for 25 probe covers.
• Wall holder with choice of two electronic antitheft alarm systems and mechanical security.
• Color-coded, interchangeable and removable probe well to minimize the risk of cross-contamination.
• On-screen Location ID field for identification and labelling of thermometer.
• Rubberized grips for ease of handling.
• User-selectable icon and/or words for identification of thermometer modes.
• Battery life indicator. Warranty: 3-year limited instrument warranty, 1-year limited probe warranty, 90 day limited removable probe well warranty. Optional SureTemp Plus 690 & 692 Accessories not included: WA-21326-0000 Wall Holder for 690 & 692 series.
WA-21330-0000 Holder for Spare Probe & Probe Well for 690 & 692 series
WA-06138-000 Calibration Key, Assembly for 690 & 692 series.
WA-02892-000 Probe and Well Kit, 4 ft Rectal.
WA-02892-100 Probe and Well Kit, 9 ft Rectal.
WA-02893-000 Probe and Well Kit, 4 ft Oral.
WA-02893-100 Probe and Well Kit, 9 ft Oral.
WA-02891-0000 Probe Well, Blue for 690 & 692 series.
WA-02891-1000 Probe Well, Red for 690 & 692 series.
WA-08273-000 Thermometer Stand, 690 & 692 series with Holder for Spare Probe and Well.
WA-21333-0000 Bracket, M600 Stand Upgrade, 690 & 692 series with Holder for Spare Probe and Well.
WA-01802-110 9600 Plus Calibration Tester.