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Wolf X-Ray Film Duplicator, 14" x 17"

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  • Wolf manufactures three sizes of x-ray duplicators, with screen sizes of 14" x 17", 10" x 12" and 6" x 12" respectively.

  • Constructed in durable baked enamel, the duplicators can be used with any available duplicating film.

  • To operate the duplicators, simply place the film to be duplicated on the plexiglass screen with a sheet of duplicating film on top, close the cover and set the exposure time.

  • The red light will signal you when exposure is complete.

  • Develop your duplicating film.

  • The 14" x 17" surface (WXR-21524) accommodates all x-rays up to 14" x 17". The 10" x 12" surface (WXR-21522) is perfect for duplicating mammographs and podiatric radiographs, and the 6" x 12" (WXR-21520) duplicates any size up to 6" x 12".