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Captive Technologies Station Master Oxygen Distribution System

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Features of the Captive Technologies Station Master Oxygen Distribution System:

StationMaster is an in-home oxygen distribution system that lets you move from room to room without having to ‘wrangle’ a 50-foot tangle of oxygen tubing.  The easy-to-install kit has a central fluidic Flow Controller that is fed by the existing oxygen system, such as a concentrator, and 3 additional remote oxygen outlets. With pressure-sensitive, adhesive-backed mounting strips on the back of the Flow Controller and Remote Stations, the system can be mounted to any convenient vertical surfaces.  The Controller remains within four (4) feet of the oxygen system (concentrator, liquid reservoir, etc.), and the Remote Stations can be mounted up to 100 feet away.  A household scissors is the only tool necessary to install.

  • One Central Flow Controller, three Remote Stations, one 4 foot oxygen feed tube, two 100 foot rolls of flexible oxygen piping, 100 Hook & Loop self-stick oxygen pipe hangers, one quick connect cannula adapter, one nasal cannula with 15 foot supply line, one oxygen pipe splicer, Installation Guide & User Manual

  • Eliminates need for a 50 foot oxygen line

  • Convert any standard nasal cannula to a quick connect

  • Move freely about the home

  • Draw oxygen from 4 locations you determine

  • Locate a noisy concentrator out of earshot

  • Everything is included to install without tools

  • Controller & Remote Station Enclosures: ABS POLYLAC® PA-765

  • Connectors and Fittings:  Solid Brass

  • Flexible Oxygen Pipe: Polyvinyl Chloride, lead free, clear, smooth bore 5/16” ID x 7/16” OD

  • Pipe Holders: Woven nylon loop tape, rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive, Polyethylene hook tape

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