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DeVilbiss iGo Portable Oxygen System, Without Carrying Case

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Features of the DeVilbiss iGo Portable Oxygen System:

  • Settings 1 to 6 in PulseDose Mode or 1 to 3 LPM in Continuous Flow Mode.

  • Integrated PulseDose oxygen conserving technology extends the use time of the iGo Portable Oxygen System offering increased mobility with improved comfort and increased efficiency.

  • Built in oxygen sensing device to ensure accurate oxygen delivery and reduced periodic maintenance schedule.

  • Increased Battery Capabilities -- iGo is powered by one battery which can last as long at 5.4 hours when operating at Setting 1 in PulseDose Mode.

  • Audible alerts for Power Failure, Low Battery, Low Oxygen Output, High Flow/Low Flow, No Breath Detected in PulseDose Mode, High Temperature, Unit Malfunction.

  • Can be used with 50 ft. tubing/cannula in Continuous Flow mode and 35 ft. tubing/cannula in PulseDose mode.

  • If the unit is operating on AC power and the power is interrupted, the iGo will automatically switch to battery operation.

  • Three handles molded into the body of the concentrator.

  • Easy to access filter compartment.

  • No maintenance needed for 3 years.