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Drive SmartDose Mini Electronic Oxygen Conserver

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_p_The SmartDose® Mini Oxygen Conserver by Drive Medical will sense patient breath rate and turn oxygen flow up_br /_and down as needed, within seconds. As you perform strenuous activities you will receive an appropriate amount of oxygen to keep you going, while at low breathing rates this conserver excels at saving money by lowering the dosage. This technology maximizes conservation so that each tank will last longer, saving money and time spent replacing them.  Electronic conservers are necessary if you are looking for a conserver, but your respiration is too weak to power a pneumatic conserver. The easy to read panel makes using the SmartDose® Mini simple and aggravation-free._/p__br /__ul__br /__li_The SmartDose Mini Oxygen conserver will sense patient breathing pattern and auto-adjust oxygen flow rate up or down as needed within seconds. _/li__br /__li_Uniform pulse dose increments 1,2,3,4,5 plus CF preset @ 2 LPM. _/li__br /__li_Achieves maximum conservation efficiency by automatically adjusting the dose down at lower activity levels. _/li__br /__li_Operating pressure range: 500-3000 PSI. Weighs just 15.5 ounces with batteries. _/li__br /__li_Delivers a quiet, gentle dose of oxygen using an efficient, compact design. _/li__br /__li_Can use 2 AA Alkaline batteries for a duration of about one year (for most patients). _/li__br /__/ul_

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