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Strip Skin Closure Steri-Strip 1/4x3"

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Strip Skin Closure Steri-Strip 1/4x3" Non-Woven Rayon Backed 3/Envelope White Reinforced Antimicrobial Adherent Sterile Not made with natural rubber latex Hypoallergenic Disposable 50/Box

3M Steri-Strip Adhesive Skin Closures make wound closure fast and simple while reducing the risk of infection. The non-invasive technique reduces tissue trauma and patient comfort is improved. Using sterile Steri-Strip closures gives increased tensile strength to the wound, and there is less scarring from puncture marks or cross-hatching produced by sutures or staples.
Sterile skin closure strips that are made of a porous, non-woven backing coated with a pressure-sensitive, hypoallergenic adhesive and reinforced with polyester filaments for added strength.
Features and Benefits:
Nonwoven, rayon-backed material reinforced with filaments for strength.
Microporous material is breathable.
Hypoallergenic adhesive.
Provides wound support and assists in increasing the tensile strength of the wound.
Provides better cosmetic outcome than sutures or staples.
Permits early staple/suture removal.
Allows finer wound edge approximation.
Suggested applications: Reinforced 3M Steri-Strip Skin Closures are used in the closure of lacerations, surgical incisions and following early suture/staple removal.

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